Wednesday, 10 June 2015

passion driven

The weekends can be so short *sigh*, as I went through mine I also received bad news about my cousin who was involved in an accident.When I received the call I was starting to decorate my minion cake for an order that I had. Hearing the news made me feel like I needed to take a moment and just stop what I was doing, but to my surprise I finished decorating it and it came out perfect, with my son being the judge as always!!! I have realised that he really gives me more insight, his comments will be "mom the cake has too much detail or Iron man is in red and gold, or oh wow mom its beautiful"! at first it really used to annoy me that he would just give me such comments but then I later on realised that its positive criticism, and I mean he watches these cartoons so he would obviously know more than me duh!!!

I did the cake and customer was happy and it took me out of the sadness that I felt for my cousin, after that we prayed that she recovers. It makes me think ,why did I not discover this passion a while back, Lord knows it would have taken me through a whole lot of challenges that experienced in my life, but they say everything has its own time and that is what they mean with self discovery.
My dreams are coming together I can feel it, its hardwork and dedication that I need to put more of and not let negativity get to me.

We live our lives seeking fulfilment from people and we forget the strength that we have in us. If you don't believe in yourself then why would you expect the other person to believe in you.
When people see what you are capable of and you see the look on their faces, hahahahaha such fulfilment. My motto is -it pushes me forward when I can see that you take me for granted, then I want to be a better person and you must see that!! I really have no strength in me to be explaining myself to people who judge me.

I love pictures but I need to invest on a good camera LOL, I'm putting it out there to the universe and it will happen.

I just love the end product!!!

Saturday, 6 June 2015

It comes from within!!!!

Yesterday> has not been the best days of life, I can tell you that much. At some point I really felt like I was in a hole and it kept getting deeper and deeper. I once read a book and forgive me I cant  remember the title of it, but it associated the character or the traits within you and what you ultimately would suffer from. For example because you may hold up so much grudge, you then would suffer from cancer and soforth.... the explaination behind it is because the things that you are holding on and don't get rid of, they then poison your cells leading to cancer!! I still want to buy that book and read it further it might also make me understand a few things about people.

So back to me, I was feeling a bit under the weather yesterday, maybe that is an understatement, I felt like death!!! I realised that my body was also taking a strain because I could'nt even function properly. I can tell you this when you have a family its really difficult to show such feelings of stress especially with our kids, who want to tell you about their day at school. This just got me thinking my mom used to say "just because you stressed does not mean everyone should feel it". That was her training me for such situations. So I sat and eventually decided to do what I love best.... and I baked a cake for an order that I had.

This gave me a sense of hope, a belief that I am uBabalwa, somebody born with a purpose, God has entrusted me with this gift and I needed to discover it, I go on a journey of self discovery with each and every cake that I bake, unchain myself from all those voices that whispered all those negative comments, that told me that I was a nobody, that I could'nt do anything, the fear that paralyzed not only me but every little thing within me!

my work!!!
On these blogs I am encouraging and telling you about the simplest things in life that really get to us!! Im talking about spiritually and I know that all of you have that side, that side that you get to deal with every day of your life. Make that work for you, Im repeating it- let it motivate you to be someone better, let it motivate you to persue you and discover you and only you. Once you are happy and content then everyone around you will be happy!!! I know I create a special moment with each and every cake that I get to bake!! It's definately fulfilling to see those happy people when you present the cake to them!

Let me go give myself another dose of the happy portion, and go bake another cake!!! Pics to follow!!!

Friday, 5 June 2015

this is me!!!

hello everybody!!

In a thousand years did I ever think that I will have the guts to write something that reflects me. Well I guess it is also easy to reflect and introspect and review about ones self. Through out my teenage years i used to write what I called poetry hahahaha, and what you might think was not it. I realized that for me it did me a great sense of relief, it made me feel better when i was down and excited me when I had something to celebrate. I also learned to keep it anonymous in case someone like my mom would get in touch with it! I have realized that I have been writing all along and it was something that i truly enjoyed doing, its just that i have been so discreet about it and pity I do not have some of my writings!! I am now learning or let me say am on the road to opening up about things that I never considered even sharing them. I have recently shown my husband one of my writings and he was so shocked, that i even wrote something about him back in 2009, and the good thing is whenever I wrote something I would always put a date on it.

Below is a diary I used to keep, where I wrote everything from things that i wanted to accomplish, be it short term goals, poems, contacts, Avon orders, recipes etc.

I will now share one of the poems i wrote and I would like to hear from you what you think, please be patient these were my old poems (hahahahaha it feels strange naming them poems but to me they were), OK here goes:
The title is:


It was easy when I was still young, when I would judge without even thinking that I am doing so...
Oh was it easy to blame others for what was happening in my life ,
And oh was it easy to just look at my siblings and know my destiny,
I thought it was and maybe still think it could have been but I don't think it is,
I can't imagine how my destiny would have been, just by looking back at my chuildhood.
And oh am I grateful because its like a tree having roots and it still needs to blossom and produce fruits, under horrible and also good conditions.
And thanks to those conditions I have grown a strong stem that did survive.

Oh gosh I don't believe I just did this!!

My blogging is about finding what you are passionate about and making it work for you, not necessarily financial wise but also as therapy in making you feel good about yourself!!

I have another passion and those that know me, know what it is....will be discussing it shortly!!

Bye for now my beauties.